terça-feira, 12 de outubro de 2010

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? ? ? ? Yesterday, the piston that is troubled by faction is in advocate 120 capture a knight than 116 force. Mai Di, Richard Hanmierdu, Pulinsi and Ben Hualaishi still did not enter the court. Look, piston eve is troubled by go out this " arms expostulate with " not complete past. And Yahoo sports exploded yesterday a fierce makings, say the Hanmierdu that is drilled by the bishop Kusite is abandaned is this disturbance only then the person that make tomb figure. Nevertheless, team high level decides this to stand in Kusite at the same time, because Hanmierduyin stops,example already was fined by team.
? ? ? ? Expose to the sun in the piston give 7 people to lack train, only after 6 people play pair of games of a 76 people, piston high level is critical held the meeting. Subsequently team was short of example to give out to the player official explanation, such as Mai Di has a headache, pu Linsi gastralgia, other player fails to catch up with player bus in time to wait. But Detroit media discloses, collective sex that this is piston player protests, the target shows the bishop is experienced continuously Kusite. Yahoo sports yesterday is reveal the inside story more, hanmierdu is " arms expostulate with " abet of behind the curtain. As the piston carried off 2004 the exploit player of total champion, hanmierdu is abandaned by Kusite since January, from January 10 up to now, hanmierdu played a game only. And be infiltrated in him in the training of a week before limbo, hanmierdu still growls to Kusite in public, and completely Kusite creates the awkward situation of speak bluntly team single-handed, he still did not forget to scold finally: "Your this all one's life also deserves to become a trainer. "Your this all one's life also deserves to become a trainer..
? ? ? ? Additional, come from Yahoo gymnastic message to still express, this sports season piston tries to trade Hanmierdu all the time go out, but in trade end a few days ago, because Hanmierdu does not agree, bring about this to trade to abort finally. As Hanmierdu by " refrigerant " , the relation of he and Kusite keeps worsening, collective of the member that bring about him finally to use him to convene partial group in the authority in the player stops example.
? ? ? ? Although ESPN expert thinks before this, kusiteke can finish class inside a week, but this force of piston high level holds out Kusite. Yesterday, the piston had penalty to Hanmierdu and Kelisi Weierkaokesi, reason is them without reason is absent the shoot a basket before contest trains. And to missing team bus, oneself take a taxi the Luodeni Kendaji [url=http://www.palmexpo.in/nikeairmax.aspx]cheap nike air max shoes[/url] of competition ground and Aoyeding Daiye, team also had penalty, reason is training is late.